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Alpaca-Brats Farm

" A little brattyness is not always a bad thing"

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About Us

Welcome to Alpaca-Brats Farm! Please join me as I embark on this adventure, and fulfill a dream of being able to spend the second half of my life having more fun and raising the most adorably intelligent, loving and cuddly animals you may ever meet! " My Alpaca-Brats"

A little about ME-

My name is Dawn and I have lived on this 5 Acre parcel of land that sits quaintly above the "Narrows of Northwood" for the past 25 years. I have spent that time as a single mother raising three beautiful daughters, Danielle, Amber and Ivy .My daughters have now grown and blessed me with three beautiful granddaughters, Kianna, Gracie and Madelyn. My career as a counselor and professor have brought many years of fulfillment. Although I continue to find satisfaction in helping others I also find I yearn to spend more time at home, in my yard with nature and animals utilizing my creativity as a knitter and crafter.

In October 2010 I decided to stop yearning and wishing and take action!!

Why Alpacas you ask? Well I have always been an avid lover of nature and have spent endless hours in my gardens, I also love animals and enjoy sharing my home with both the domestic and wild creatures that come to visit (often my early morning coffee is blessed w/ a deer or two grazing in the yard). So Alpaca's were an easy choice for me. They are incredibly gentle and social animals with each other and humans. They are adorable and have the world's finest lustrious fiber. They are also very easy animals to care for and raise as livestock and have minimal needs for shelter. Raising alpacas is a growing industry and the demand for breeding stock has proven to be steady, even in this economy. There are many tax deductions and write offs if you are actively raising alpacas for profit. ( Check out IRS publication, #225 entitled "the farmer's tax guide" which can be obtained online or at your local IRS office.)

I purchased my initial two Alpacas  after attending the yearly "Wool Arts Tour" over in  the Hillsborough and Antrim Area. Over the years they have added a few alpaca farms and I always loved the adorable animals and wished I had a my own. Well I returned that day, got online did a lot research and began visiting farms. The first farm I visited; 'Someday Farm' was the farm I purchased my first two alpaca from. The owner was a knowledgeable and generous woman giving freely of her time and alpaca expertise to mentor me and get me started. I highly recommend anyone looking to embark on this Alpaca raising to find a farm that will mentor you and be there to support you as you start your own farm. I believe this is key in the success of your new  farming investment. I know own a herd of eight and we are growing!

In the first year I cleared land, burnt, brush, planted pasture, put up fencing and had a shed put up for shelter. A lot of work, but fun and gratifying to see how much I have accomplished. My first cria was born on the farm (on my birthday) and I have spent numerous hours engaged in herd management and the sheer pleasure of living with my alpacas. 

I would love to help you begin your adventure and reap some of the pleasures and the profits of alpaca farming whether for business or pleasure. 
I am offering, boarding, breeding, sales and stud service here at the farm. I am also selling yarns, fibers, knitwares and fiber arts. Look for my shop to be open here on the farm in early fall of 2012. I am currently taking orders online. You have an open invitation to my farm just give me a call and I will be glad to show you around, you can sit and relax and take in the gardens and enjoying the Alpacas and their antics!

This is just the beginning! I hope you will join me in my passion and enthusiasm as I embark on the next "great adventure" in my life. 

Updated April 15, 2018